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"In the footsteps of Liszt "- Sur les pas de Liszt

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Our goals

    Unite around the values of Franz Liszt 1811-1886: imagination, self-sacrifice, humanism, sharing, romance, adventure, European ideal.

      Share with a wide audience the beauty and richness of the work and life of Franz Liszt, pianist, composer, European artist, man of faith

      Organize trips that have a better knowledge of the life of Franz Liszt in the cultural and artistic context of the 19th century. Century enable

      Announcement of the Lisztomanias Festival in Châteauroux and the concerts of the association’s Lisztian artists

      Promote the lesser-known works of Liszt: his melodies and his sacred music, his early opera, etc...

      Promoting Liszt’s vocations among young artists, especially from countries that are open to Romantic music




All about the news of the association

In 2022, Lisztomanias International/Surlespasdeliszt celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The association has managed to maintain a considerable number of contributors and non-participants, passionate music lovers who are always ready to explore the characteristic places that inspired Franz Liszt to his compositions.

Almost ten trips, historical visits, concerts and conferences were organized and more than 400 participants were mobilized.

This dynamic In the Footsteps of Franz Liszt was created during several trips to Germany in Weimar, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and on the occasion of a musical-singing cruise on the Danube. Last September, a second "singing" cruise on the Rhine was organized on the occasion of the Beethoven Year. In May 2022, another trip to Emilia Romagna and Tuscany will follow in the footsteps of Liszt and Marie d'Agoult.

In 2022 we have the opportunity to relive the stay of Franz Liszt and Princess Carolyne Sayn Wittgenstein at the Altenburg in Weimar. On September 2023, there will be a new cruise on the Danube between the mouth of the Black Sea and Budapest.


Singing, a strong part of the association

An important part of the sustainability and success of Lisztomanias International is the "singing" activity masterfully led by Gabriella Boda Rechner, which has made it possible to offer singers and cruise ships on the Danube the privilege, among others to perform in the majestic sea Basilica of Estergom, where Liszt performed the Mass of Gran during its inauguration in 1856 by Emperor François-Joseph.

As every year, the "Lisztomanen" Singing meet in mid-August in Saint-Léger-sous Beuvray, Burgundy, to explore the various aspects of Liszt as a composer for choirs, especially for the 2022 edition, with complete immersion in Liszt’s sacred choral song. 

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Site d'information  de l'association "Sur les pas de Liszt"

 Mai 2024

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